Theresa Phillips

It's getting to be that time of the year again.

The winter months ( although still here) have been harsh.

With lock downs and mask wearing many of said o well why bother?

But the mandats are lifting anf whats under that mask?

Dry skin?

Acne? Wrinkles?


What shape is your mouth in?

let's turn that frown upside down!

Here are a couple of early tips to help you glow in Spring.


Try Exfoliating. I highly recommend it.

Use it twice a week for a month them twice a month.

YOur skin will love you.

As we move closer to warmer weather.. Use a lighter moisturizer

This will prevent breakouts'

Don't forget Nightly Serums!

Always remember when using VitamA ( retinal) Use this ONLY at night

As with the same as Vitamin C. They attract the sun and can cause damage.

Not many skincare companies will share that.. The idea of selling must include caring for the customer YOU!

We believe in sharing these tips to help you along the way.

Vitamin C IS amazing for the skin. But all that creates the Vitamin Is the COLOR of the sun so the two attract to each other. Use all Vitamin C. And, If you take Supplemental Vitamin C please use at night.

One key element in preparing for that spring glow is to use a gentle wash .

Cleanse and stay hydrated.

You might uptick your water intake and save on dehydration responses in your body. They cause wrinkling.

Another key to helping you look and feel better is to DETOX it's important to cleanse your colon from all the junk ( ask your physician if you can).

As we age our bodies seem to select the bad stuff and ignore the good stuff resulting in sagging dry and wrinkled skin.

We have finally after some time decided to bring to you a COLLAGEN product that can rejuvenate you and help your glow on come quicker.

( My husband is taking it and felt the difference day1)

As we approach spring let's get that skin in condition!

So I highly recommend the Number 1 Item The ROYAL SPA KIT.

I was so happy when I was able to achieve a great Eye Cream to add to the Kit!

The Royal Spa Kit Is a Complete Package From Wash to Pillow!

We have it in a starter size ( excluding The Eye Cream) . We also have some starter samples.

It's a joy developing these items just for you.

Remember Spring Is only Around The Corner.

So let's get a-glowing!

Until next time!

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Skincare is easy…. Yes, it is.

But it takes time to get to know your skin.

Do you have Dry or Oily Or Combination Skin?

Somethings are worth knowing.

#1 Look-in the mirror Use a magnifying mirror and take a long look.

What do you see?

Large pores? Sun damage including age spots?

Fine lines?


Be honest.

Ask yourself, are you willing to do something about it?

In 2016 I liked in the mirror. I said GOD help!

I had a professional facial.

It was marvelous!

But I soon realized it didn’t last.

So, I remembered what the professional had used on my skin, and I started to develop my own skincare products.

I’ve taken classes I’ve spoken with labs I’ve grown and learned how to blend, wait and toss.

But that part of it.

I did this because I didn’t appreciate my selfish ways as a kid. Baby oil for a tan…

Sun goddess… You know the drill.

Yet I knew if I did not do something about it, I was NOT going to look older that I am that’s not going to happen!

I believe in aging WE ALL DO.

But I knew I needed to make changes.

I started giving samples to the ladies in my church... They loved it.

Soon more were requesting samples.

In less than 6 months I launched the Royal Spa Kit.

We hosted public launch at a local facility and now we are shipping worldwide.

But alas we are a small company.

The pandemic and the port issues have caused some difficulties yes. But we cannot give up!

Monthly I get ideas and begin to play with them... Some work some don’t.

Still, it’s always wonderful to try.

We have developed and redeveloped our serums because I’m a firm believer in them.

They Work!

Yes, They actually work!

Some changes happen immediately some over time, but the regime is the same.

The Royal Spa Kit Nightly!

Add in the Smooth As Silk twice a week and the Jojoba beads exfoliant and Viola` you have the best your skin can be!

It’s actually the Royal Spa Kit Deluxe.

Over 30 Facials for less than the price of one Professional one.

Yes, it’s worth it.

#2 Do you notice the results?

I did instantly my skin was softer smoother and more youthful looking.

But the secret ingredient to younger looking skin is

Wait for it…

It’s coming…

Are you ready?

WATER Hydration is a must and SUNBLOCK

Even in winter!

Tip… Don’t wash your face in the shower… it’s too hot and can damage your skin Just a FYI.

I hope this encourages you to get started and stay at it your skin will thank you!

Here are our Main Ingredients to help lock in that hydration

  • shea butter

  • cocoa butter

  • rosehip oil

  • jojoba oil

  • Lavender

  • Royal Oil

  • Vitamin C

Until Next. Time


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