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A Minor Miracle? Perhaps! Here's Why.

Well as you can see I'm in a Canyon Im Sweaty and i'm exhausted But I Did It!

I hiked over 6 Miles Climbed and Declined ... So many hills and rocks


And here is why I believe I was able to do it.

I want to tell you this I have been Putting A Drop of Nano Silver on a Q-tip and swabbing my sinuses with it nightly and my lung health is improving! I've been desperate to improve I've missed family reunions and so much more because of this thing! I've even been called a faker... that I really don't have this issue.

But let me tell you this folks I did not have COVID I contacted the RSV virus and it almost killed me. It has left me with asthma. It isn't fun it has sometimes made me feel like a prisoner in my own home.

SO I decided what did I have to lose?

NANO has been my rescue today is day 2 of not waking myself up feeling like I'm drowning and wheezing.

Oh Yes, I m cautious but I'm going for the win on this!

Here is the research on the Nano Silver ( NOT COLLOIDAL SILVER) and why I have it on my site. And I'm now putting it in some of the soap I'm making. because it works on clearing the skin!

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Until Next Time



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