Hi All,

Here are some nuggets that will help us all of any age.

I have a 12 year old granddaughter who says Grammy I need this and that for my skin.

She had me thinking and proud she is looking after her skin so young!

Some of you know i'm in advanced formulation schooling to bring you the best and healthiest skin care products.

WOW what i'm learning is awesome!

The skin ages in two-ways Internally and Externally.

Most internal causes are not under our control... Such as genits hormones and specific health conditions.

But we are seeing advancement in the medical field that is actually changing all of that.

Genetics play apart in the rejuvenation and influence of skin decline.

Losing elasticity, wrinkles breakouts lines. ages spots etc.

yes its been found that inherited skin issues can be a problem

But we are seeing changes in that too.

Let's look at a few things that we can endure and change.

Hormones from puberty through adulthood hormones are a common cause of dark skin patches or ages spots.

Weather can affect the skin. to cold the skin get dry

To hot its sweats... This is why we offer packages for the seasons.

The sun cause a lot of damage again this is why i always remind people to use sunblock.

The sun has the capability to penetrate deep into the skins thickest layer.

Here we can make a difference. worst times of sund during the day are from 1130 Am to two Pm. ( just some info)

Diet and Lifestyle are key in skin care what we eat shows on our face.

It's like the soul when its broken we don't smile.

During this times of creating skincare and working with highly trained professionals.

Alway talk to your physician but remember what you put in shows.

This is why we brought to you health items such as collagen and other health aids.

Collagen helps with hair nails skin.

While we must talk about health here are a few skincare tips

As we are we need a good night's sleep.

Fruits and veggies are healthy. But know what you can tolerate.

KEY Ingredients in good skincare is Vitamin C

We are presently in development of a new Serum Call Vital C Serum.

(this serum is being sent to out test marketers now) ( we still have room for 2 people willing to test)

We have Vital C Cream

Our Brightener Serum has Vitamin C In it as well But his is an oil-based product needing to be used at night.

As you can see we need to have Vitamin C in our product to promote skin elasticity decrease dryness and uneven skin tones.

PLUS STRESS. Stress is show up on everyone's face in these times.

So take that me time and Give yourself a facial Look hard into your diet and let's get moving.

Vitamins A C K B are all essential for good skincare and anti ages.

NOTICE the can be age reversing in appearance. And Making you feel better inside and out!

These vitamins are in our solutions our creams and our serums.

it is our primary goal to help you have good healthy skin and enjoy your life.

It's time to stop say it's ok i'm embracing my age. Or I earned this wrinkles.

Let change that by reversing those comments that actually cause harm inside and out!

So what's coming? Vital C Serum

Skin Spritz

Moisturizing Facial Mist

Lotion Bars

Hair Treatment for Thinning Hair


Just released?

Cucumber Toner

Vital C Cream

The Lift Mask

Dreamy Skin

Ok that's it for now

Until Next Time,


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As the seasons change we will notice that some of oru daily routines will change as well.

We switch our clothing because of what? Change.

Temperature and climate change too.

Heading into late spring we realize that we are in more sun exposure and heated temperatures.

So I've added a few tips.


Most people think this is for summer But this all year round must have has to become a staple in your arsenal of skincare.


#2 The Serums

Remember when temps begin to soar and you are out doors DONT STOP using oil based serums USE THEM AT Night . This will give oru skin that hydration and boost it needs .

Some Vitamin C serums attracts the sun use them at night too and continue to enjoy the benefits of Vitamin C ( a super anti aging vitamin and age reducing vitamin.)


Use eye cream

Sun can dry the eyes very quickly and the skin around the eyes is so delicate that you NEED the cream daily.

A customer called and asked about why her eyes would be so puffy at times.

I'm not a medical Dr. but gave her a practical tip after I told her to see a Dr.

Sometimes as the season change you can develop a seasonal allergy and allergy drops are beneficial But check with a Dr.first.

Another thing... Salt sale can give you fluid retention everywhere and the area around the eyes. is effected. But again check with your Dr.


Use moisturizers . Some of our winter moisturizers for severely dry climates may need a heavier moisturizer. Such as Moisture Plus And Replace And Vital C << ( my personal fav)

In the spring and summer months a lighter one will be effective.

Such as Royal Glow Face Cream. And, Rose Hydrating Cream And now our New

Dreamy Skin

So using Sunblock. Eye Cream, and, Moisturizers will keep your skin glowing all year long.


Masks Facial

Our masks are great for the skin.

Charcoal Clarifying Mask for when you have breakouts.

Pumpkin Enzyme Glo Mask when you are dehydrated

Rose Gel Complexion Mask when your skin gets to oily.


Develop a Habit

Taking care of your skin becomes a routine that is worth starting at any age.

One of our regular customers is 10 years old.

Our customer base runs from age 5 - 93

Now that's worth noting!

Os that's all for now

Talk soon and Glow On...



SHHH coming soon???

Dark Spot Corrector.. YOU WILL LOVE IT

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