Do You Look Older Than You Really Are?

I did and now im goal setting. But first...

UGH it's snowing in Chicago again!

The Temps are so cold we are using space heaters in our 114 year old cottage.

At least they look like a fireplace.

Yet, in the midst of this season of weather I've noticed that my dry skin is getting even dryer.

Incredibly dryer... Again UGH!

So we are developing a spray mist that is hydration plus. And hope to have it out in two weeks.

So let's set some goals? Who's In?

We listed some below. I'm in for it all. I have to change! Do You?

I've been setting business goals..

But personally I'm setting goals to a better me.

Skin Care starts with good diet.

Did you know sugar and salt are responsible for many wrinkles?

And Lack of Sleep!

These are my weaknesses.

Skin is your armor against the elements so taking care if it matters.

No you are NEVER too old to start skincare.

Or too old to put on a bit of makeup.

Let me share with you how I made a transformation.. and how it improved my outlook on life. And I did it for me. Mind you I am in my 60s! I'm not retiring I'm Refiring! You Can Too!