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6 Tips For Petites To Look Taller And Slimmer.

6 Tips For Petite Girls To Look Taller And Slimmer A taller, slimmer look is only an outfit away. Learn the fashion tips that celebs use to fool the camera!

You’ll have a whole lifetime with that body of yours; may as well learn to love it. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t dress to accentuate features that weren’t originally part of the package. For really petite women, the challenge is always to stretch out vertically, taking inches from the waist and adding them to the legs. This is, of course, totally impossible. But there are certain fashion choices you can make that will create an illusion of height and slenderness. Here are a few ways to dress that will make you look (and feel!) taller and slimmer. 1. High-Waisted Bottoms If you’ve ever wondered why high-waisted shorts, skirts, and jeans are back in fashion, here’s the answer: They shorten your torso, making your legs look longer and more elegant. The legs-to-torso ratio creates the appearance of height more than you might think. Try rocking some high-waisted bottoms (with your tops tucked in, of course) and you’ll notice the difference. So will everyone else! 2. Go With the Top Knot It may seem silly to suggest that actually adding inches to the top of your head, via your hair, will make you seem taller. You won’t be giggling when you try it, though. It’s not so much that a tall hairstyle actually adds inches to your frame, it’s that a top knot draws people’s attention to the top of your head. That makes you seem taller just by the power of suggestion. 3. Wear Thin Belts When you choose a belted look, make sure to use the thinnest belt you can find. Wide belts emphasize your horizontal measurements, suggesting girth rather than slimness. Pick a skinny belt for a skinny look! The trick is to keep all the attention on the vertical lines of your silhouette. Wide belts do the opposite. 4. Wear Flared Jeans The evil reign of the skinny-jean is finally at an end. Flared jeans and bell bottoms are coming back in a big way, and that’s great news for petite women. Pick a pair of flared jeans that drapes over your shoes. Make sure the fit is snug down the length of your thighs before the flare begins. This will create the illusion of a couple of extra inches of leg, while focusing on slender lines for a great overall effect. 5. Keep Outfits Monochromatic When viewers don’t have to parse color information, they’ll focus on your outline. That’s a great way to keep them thinking “tall and slim.” Monochromatic outfits aren’t the fashion faux pas they once were, either. Just look at Kim Kardashian, the current Queen of Monochrome. If you’re having trouble picking a color, remember that all-black outfits are eternally chic. Black is quite slimming, too. Play with bolder colors and see what works with your complexion. 6. Keep Jackets Short A jacket with a low hemline makes legs look shorter, and we’re going for the opposite effect. Pick jackets that don’t dangle and your legs will look like they go on forever! As in all fashion choices, you have to experiment a bit to find out what expresses your unique look. But if you follow these general guidelines, you can achieve a slimmer, taller look whenever you want!


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