How to Turn That Royal Glow Ino your Healthy Foundation

I'll repeat it Necessity Is The Mother of all Inventions!I

I have had so many problems with makeup rolling off my face ... Have you?

Yet I love the Royal Glow. This Moisturizer is light and Comfortable to wear morning and night!

I decided to play with it and here is what happened

I made my own foundation!

And it lasts! I can also add to it...

With Contouring etc?

I am not seeing it looking flakey or peeling or rolling off my face! YAY its working for me and it's healthy!

Remember, I like many of you need to fill fine lines and some cracks! UGH!

So remember to Get the Makeup Primer it's fantastic in blending this... Or use it before any makeup base and let your skin look smooth and silkier!

Yep i've given you the steps and it lasts me about 2 Months!