On Early Spring Care

Theresa Phillips

It's getting to be that time of the year again.

The winter months ( although still here) have been harsh.

With lock downs and mask wearing many of said o well why bother?

But the mandats are lifting anf whats under that mask?

Dry skin?

Acne? Wrinkles?


What shape is your mouth in?

let's turn that frown upside down!

Here are a couple of early tips to help you glow in Spring.


Try Exfoliating. I highly recommend it.

Use it twice a week for a month them twice a month.

YOur skin will love you.

As we move closer to warmer weather.. Use a lighter moisturizer

This will prevent breakouts'

Don't forget Nightly Serums!

Always remember when using VitamA ( retinal) Use this ONLY at night

As with the same as Vitamin C. They attract the sun and can cause damage.

Not many skincare companies will share that.. The idea of selling must include caring for the customer YOU!

We believe in sharing these tips to help you along the way.

Vitamin C IS amazing for the skin. But all that creates the Vitamin Is the COLOR of the sun so the two attract to each other. Use all Vitamin C. And, If you take Supplemental Vitamin C please use at night.

One key element in preparing for that spring glow is to use a gentle wash .

Cleanse and stay hydrated.

You might uptick your water intake and save on dehyd