These Tools Are Achieving A More Youthful Look!

Contouring is illusion. But it is Effective!

It gives you a sense of confidence. And, it is essential in Anti Aging and anti sagging.

It’s essentially playing with light and shade. You don’t need to mold your face into any particular shape to contour. Instead, you can go as light or as heavy as you want.

Contouring is fun and allows you to indulge your artistic side. It’s great for defining your cheekbones and other facial features.

By Bee Shapiro Oct 2017 Article

Excerpt from Article

With light and shadow, it’s possible not just to accentuate your features — but to reshape them. Makeup lovers are a flighty species, enthralled by millennial pink one day and grungy black-plum the next.

Look more closely, though, and two tidy camps emerge:

One consists of peacocks who treat their faces as Technicolor canvases; the other of faux naturalists. But they are united in one respect — both share an obsession with the architecture of the face. Contouring — using darker shades of concealer or foundation to create dimension and a more defined facial structure — had long been employed by makeup artists, but five years ago, the technique went mainstream, and was soon followed by the rise of the complementary practices of strobing (applying light, often shimmery shades on the higher planes of the face) and baking (applying a thick coat of powder on the cheeks to set makeup and neutralize harsh angles). This isn’t so much the season as it is the era of face architecture.

Here is Our Palette for Concealing and Contouring