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I'm working in my Lab today Tell me the #1 Item you want your skincare to do?

Tara Shrink pores Theresa Phillips Tara Hi Tara I get it! I had the same problem .. Until I contacted on of my labs and we collaborated together and developed an Item you might like Its Called "Smooth as Silk" It shrinks pores and level the skin making it Very smooth It shrinks pores and level the skin making it Very smooth. Use it twice weekly and you will notice a difference. Always moisturize after. Tara Get rid of broken capillaries. Theresa Phillips Tara UGH you have an issue I have contacted a dermatologist about this recently and was told that one thing you must do I wear sunblock to prevent more damage Plus you can use vitamin C AT NIGHT ONLY! We have the Brightener which is fab It contains a good dose of V C and is effective. Also keep your skincare products in the fridge because where capillaries are concerned the colder the better for the skin.

Plus drink cold water to hydrate. Avoid heavy microdermabrasion. Another product that will help you is our "Glory Face" its moisture-locking and is essential to HEAL the skin. Yvette Brighten Theresa Phillips Yvette Hello Yvette Our "Brightener" serum is great for that, and age spots, because of it High vitamin C Use at night only. You can use some bleaching cream but, they can become very costly. Try our "Brightener" serum it may help a lot. Mari Moisturize Theresa Phillips Mari Moisturizing is essential because it prevents dehydration of the skin. I heartily recommend our 'Royal Glow' Face Cream and The NEW facial Mister it's wonderful and the results are amazing because the skin adapts and it stays moisturized longer. Jena Get rid of wrinkles Theresa Phillips Jena Hi There some wrinkles that can be lessened with exfoliating and super hydration. I recommend our 'Facial Exfoliant' twice-weekly then Smooth as Silk once a week Then Use the Calmer serum and they moisturize your skin will feel and look softer and harsh lines will soften and some fine line might disappear DRINK water. Also use a Makeup primer before applying makeup we have a great one on site it makes the skin appear more youthful Jena Get rid of age spots Theresa Phillips Jena age spots are always a problem #1 start using sunblock #2 use the " Brightener" serum which contains Vitamin C. ONLY at night I use my every night. Be mindful about V C product they should only be used at night because they attract the sun and cause more spotting.

You could see a change. Tracey Plump-produce collagen.