It Could Have Been Life Or Death If I Hadn't...

Dear Reader:

Wow I never knew I’d be writing about this, but I must.

Several weeks ago, I went to see the Dermatologist that encouraged me to have eyelid surgery.

I had not realized that I lost nearly 80% vision in my right eye due to the heavy hooding on that eye.

I went to a specialist and they also recommended that I have the surgery.

I did.

It was not painful, and I did bruise a lot, but the results are worth it! I can wear glasses I had 7 years ago. That is how much my vision was blocked.

So…I went back to the dermatologist to show her the result and while there I asked would you take a look at this spot on my back? She said yes and immediately said I need to biopsy this.

Well, the results came back at it was cancer.

They scheduled the surgery, and I went in and they took a chunk out of my back.

Those results came back, and they GOT IT ALL! I’m so grateful I yelled Thank you Jesus!

I went back to have the stitches removed and they were astonished at how well I had healed.

(Shhh I used the Nano Silver drops on the stitches I barely have a scar!) Again, I’m grateful.

Mainly because they got it all!

Now I’m not saying this to boast I beat cancer. It’s because I have to now have a once over more regularly.

I'm So Thankful Again!

I am writing this blog to share with you that your skin is your first God given armor.

I spent years damaging it in the sun with baby oil… Some of you know what I’m talking about.