When I Made Some Mistakes!

Ugh My Hair Got Hit With some OHHHHH NOOOOOOO!

#1 I caught a Cold and Took Cold Medicine ...

When I did my skin got dryer ugh need more water right?

Then I noticed my hair was very dry! Very Dry..

I was doing a facial with the Royal Spa Kit.

As I was applying the Royal Glow Face Cream

I placed some of it in my hair I figured what more can I do wrong?

I noticed something amazing the face cream Transformed my hair! Leaving it amazing soft and smooth.

I was thrilled !!!

I did go to my stylist and share what happened with her...yes she did cut off some dry ends. But, not nearly as much as she would have...

She said keep it up! What a amazing product.

I just felt the need to share if you are suffering from dry ends. Give it a Go.

Please let us knwo if this works for you!

And a special reminder DRINK WATER Lots of it if you feel unwell!

Have A Good One

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