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How I'm taing care of my skin as the Holidays Start! Theresa Phillips

I know it's getting very busy out there... he Hustle and Bustle of the holiday in full swing..

UGH it get on one's nerves to stand in line and listen to opinions..

But I love the holidays. I Love Christmas I love t all... The noise the kids the trees YES everything!

Yet when the lights are low and all is silent ... I do something just for me..

A Facial Yep I do it.

It's a me thing.

The Pumpkin Masque is effective because my skin is starting to get dryer.

With A cup of tea I just sit and look at the lights for about 10 minutes.

I'm beginning to like green tea a lot!

Then I go straight for the Royal Spa Kit. I use it daily and now morning and night.

We now have a page just for the 3 Types of Spa Kits. AND WOW THEY ARE ON SPECIAL!

Check it 0ut!

After I use the Royal Spa Kit I use REPLACE Neck Decollete and the back of my hands

Its fabulous

SHHHHH I have a secret for an overnight masque on my face..

#1 Clean Pillowcase.

# Do The Royal Spa Kit

# 3 Take a Bit of the Glory Face / Replace. In your hand

Put 2 Pumps of Calmer in your hand as well ANd them A Dash of Royal GLow Face Cream and you have a Fabulous Overnight masque When you wake your skin will love you!

I do this twice a week Because I have severely dry skin!

I'm also learning som make- up techniques that help my skin If you are interested please let me know and I will do a video for you

But let me know ok? .Contact me here

Have a Good One!

PS are you a VIP MEMBER yet? The Discounts are permanent!

Happy Skin



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