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Hows Winter Treating You?

Many of you know our Company is based out of the Chicago Region.. Brrr it's cold outside!

And, We still are partially shut down due to Covid..

So perhaps you might have become like many and started grazing the fridge?

Ugh I call it Covid Belly!

But I've come up with some solutions that are showing some promising results.

#1 The Immune Drops We are staying as healthy as possible boosting our Immunity!

Here is the Link to Our Broadcast about Nano Silver .

Our whole family is using 2 Drops daily in 16 Oz..

#2 That who wants to workout thing?

Well, in order to stay healthy it can take exercise.

Walking is great if you can get out doors.

If you can't here is a link to some really good Youtube workouts. With Leslie Sansone

Check the list on Youtube for Easy walks then graduate to more workouts.

If you have On Demand Just speak into Your Remote and many will come up. But say FREE workouts or you might have to pay for it.

# 3 I can't say it enough REMEMBER To Moisturize. We now have a hand and body lotion that's Milk and Honey that is wonderful its over 5 oz... And Affordable!

Hubby says it helps his cracked hands a lot!

He's a truck driver in this weather UGH!

#4 Keep up with your facials...The Royal Spa Kit is still on Special at 40% OFF For a Limited Time ... Please take advantage of it.

#5 With Covid still in the Pandemic Stage Please remember to Wear a Mask.But make sure its clean. Disinfect and Stay Healthy.

PS thank all of you who have been following me on facebook and sending prayer and good things my way for my recent eyelid surgery I can finally see!

Yes I thank you!

Well that's all for now

Have a Blessed day!

Dr Theresa Phillips


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