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Has Covid kept you from glowing? It did me.

Has Covid keep you from glowing? It did me.

In recent months I had to realize that since I wasn’t going out as much I let my skincare slip.

Yikes this was a grievous mistake.

I did something I rarely do…

I had microdermabrasion done by an expert. That's Important.

I've decided to have this done twice a year.

My skin very dull!

Yes, I was feeling very … well unhappy.

Here I am owning a fabulous skincare company and I was not as active in the protocol as I was when I was frequently going out and about.

And wearing a mask is simply drying to the skin so that did not help at all.

After a bit of microdermabrasion, I realized my folly!

I started back on the protocol and I can see the fantastic difference.

So why am I telling you this?

It’s simply because we all have a tendency to fall back...

We do it sometimes without realizing we are doing it.

But the one good thing that came out of this was IT'S NEVER TO LATE!

Dear friends and readers be encouraged to get back to your routine and don’t let the COVID situation stop you from being your best.

You are valuable and deserve to feel great about yourself!

So I take a few moments a day to encourage myself.

2 Drops of the Immune booster for my health.

And, The Royal Spa Treatment every night.

I’m back at it and I must say I’m glad.

So if you’re feeling like I did. How about changing it?

Find a good esthetician and have the microdermabrasion!

Groupon has some Fab Special’s. Give it a go!

I’m so glad that I did and am getting back to feeling great and looking my best!

Yes, I know you can too.

And don’t forget we slashed pricing on the Royal Spa Kit and we offer the Anti -Viral Package on site. Read all the information our lab has released about the package.

Go ahead be Happy!

Theresa Phillips Getting back to Me!


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