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Can You Remove 10 Years? I DID!

Can you actually remove years off your face? YES!!!

Skin is delicate and has 3 major layers to it.

1 Epidermis

Making new skin cells: This happens at the bottom of the epidermis. The skin cells travel up to the top layer and flake off, about a month after they form.

Giving skin its color: The epidermis makes melanin, which is what gives your skin its color Protecting your body:

The epidermis has special cells that are part of your immune system and help you stay healthy.

2 Dermis

Making sweat: There are little pockets called sweat glands in the dermis. They make sweat, which goes through little tubes and comes out of holes called pores.

Sweating keeps you cool and helps you get rid of bad stuff your body doesn't need.

Helping you feel things: Nerve endings in the dermis help you feel things. They send signals to your brain, so you know how something feels if it hurts (meaning you should stop touching it), is itchy or feels nice when you touch it.Growing hair: The dermis is where you'll find the root of each tiny little hair on your skin. Each root attaches to a tiny little muscle that tightens and gives you goose bumps when you are cold or are scared.

Making oil: Another type of little pocket, or gland, in your skin makes oil. The oil keeps your skin soft, smooth and waterproof. Sometimes the glands make too much oil and give you pimples. (See Acne: Pimples and Zits.Bringing blood to your skin: Blood feeds your skin and takes away bad stuff through little tubes called blood vessels.

3 Subcutaneous fat

Attaching the dermis to your muscles and bones: This layer has a special connecting tissue that attaches the dermis to your muscles and bones.

Helping the blood vessels and nerve cells: Blood vessels and nerve cells that start in the dermis get bigger and go to the rest of your body from here.

Controlling your body temperature: The subcutaneous fat is the layer that helps keep your body from getting too warm or too cold.

Storing your fat: This fat pads your muscles and bones and protects them from bumps and falls.

Info From AAD

No we do not have 10 Layers of skin Our Skin has its purpose it has to TAKE CARE OF YOU!

So your health really depends on your skin.

Aging is a process BUT is also prove the effect on how we taken care of our shell.

As some of us age... We lose that youthful moisture that makes us GLOW.

Water is a necessary component to our daily routine as well as eating.

Now ...

A Daily routine of skin care can help you change your appearance.

Making you feel and look younger .

Trust me it's not easy getting older. BUT I don't have to look it and when I don't I don't feel it either.

So the Royal Spa Kit is a Complete At Home Facial System that works. Really Works!

It exfoliates gently. It attacks dark spots. It softens harsh lines. Removes some fine lines and Reverses the look of your age.

In the First 10 Minutes You will see a change Softer and Smoother Looking Skin!

With prolonged use you can actually dramatically slow the aging process I HAVE!

I use the Royal Spa Kit Every Night I take the Starter Spa Kit with me when I travel. I never go without it!

My skin just loves it! I know yours will too!

The Royal Spa Kit is by far our Best Seller!

The Spa Package comes with Directions Don't Throw Them Away! Come with Directions

This is me on the left 11 Years ago ... Me on right 1 Year ago...

Thats a 10 Year difference ...

10 Minutes a Day Makes a HUGE Difference !

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