Hello, Lovelies!

The Better Me Box

Is Here!

 I've been waiting for this day to come for a long time IT'S HERE

'We would like you to have fun and a surprise monthly!

A 50.00 Or GREATER gift box Monthly! YES OR GREATER VALUE! 


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The Monthly Better Me Box


One Time Better Me Box

50.00 Plus Shipping 

The Better Me Box

When I  started this company it was not with just myself in mind. 

I  am a minister and I was seeing a lot of women looking so downcast and broken.

One day I went to have a facial.

I  had never had one before.

The whole time I  was there I knew I could do this at home

I  came home and started playing and putting oils together. 

I  invented the  Royal Spa Kit using the Special Oil that I created. 

I took it to my church and the women loved it. 

They started using it and they just bloomed.

I noticed some companies were giving gift boxes and I thought how can they afford to do that?


My hubby and I decided we are taking the plunge and am offering you a monthly subscription of 50.00 a Gift box of Equal or GREATER! value!!!!

No you won't get the same things two months in a row! 

We just want to see you happy and looking happy

We are Real Vegan / Organic skincare at great prices and want to be a blessing to you. 

It's Real Skincare for Real People getting Real Results

Thank you

Dr Theresa Phillips

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Men's Better Me Box


Get What You Deserve A Refresh Outlook Monthly

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