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REDEEM IT! By Resurfacing It!

This Item is amazing for Uneven skin Texture 

Powerful resurfacing ingredients remove dead skin cells and debris from the skin’s surface

How do you know if you have uneven skin texture?

Gently run your finger across your skin. If it's rough or bumpy to the touch, that indicates your skin has an uneven texture.

Anti-aging Formula 

Perfect for age spots and wrinkles 

This is a Lightening  blend.  Fading  the appearance of age spots, scarring, and any discoloration.

Carefully chosen fruit and plant acids work synergistically to facilitate healthy cellular turn over and regeneration. Powerful humectants trap moisture in the skin and prevent daily moisture loss while simultaneously attracting up to 1000 times their weight in moisture from the environment. Profound concentrations of bio-available vitamin E ensure more efficient skin remodeling. Healthy new skin cells are nourished and the end result is firmer, plumper, healthier skin cells for a radiant complexion. Safe for daily use.

Aqua Aloe Water witch hazel Glycerin Sandalwood Hydrosol Jojoba Alba Bark Extract Retinol

Potassium Phosphate Vitamin E Horsetail Wild Germanium Organic Dandelion Organic Green Tea PP Blend  SL 12  Months After Opening

Redeem It Resurfacing Serum 1 oz √

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Resurfacing Serum
Resurfacing Serum
$27.00every 2 months until canceled
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