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\Brightener & Calmer Serums


1 oz Bottles 

Brightener Serum New Formula 

Olive oil 2 Types Vitamin C  Oil Royal Oils Pomegranite Oil Pink Grapefruit Oil Lemon Oil 

Use on skin after washing  

Calmer Serum 

Olive Oil 2 Types  Shea Butter Hylarunonic Lavender Oils 2 Types Camomile Oil Royal Oil 

Use on Skin After  Washing 



Apply on face

Use Warm Washcloth apply to face count to 20 ðŸ˜€

And Repete with Calmer

Brightener & Calmers Serums

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Excluding Sales Tax
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Brightener & Calmers
Brightener & Calmers Serums
$27.00every month until canceled
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