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Why I Did A Me Day! Theresa Phillips

I've just come thru a conference. Hubby needs to have surgery again.

Ugh life is life!

So today I did a Me Day and did a deep facial.

Remember to stay hydrated drink water as you facial.

#1 I used the Organic wash

#2 I applied the Rose Gel Masque Left on for 10 Minutes.

Washed off with cool clean water

#3 Applies the Pumpkin Masque Left it on 10 Minutes.

Washed again with cool clean water. My Skin was looking brighter and smoother!

Then I applied the Gold Glow Serum and Finished with Royal Glow Face Cream!

My skin rested for about 10 Minutes and the glow was amazing Soft and Supple!

Then I applied my foundation which is a Royal Glow Face Cream with some tint and sunblock added to it.

Finished my makeup and off I went! Click The Graphic Below and Follow Me on Instagram!

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