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Why Dry Brushing Is Essential

Dry Brushing: What It Is & Why You Should Start Doing It Written by Bangstyle

Dry brushing isn’t anything new, but in recent years — mostly thanks to Goop — you’ve probably heard more about it. Gwyneth isn’t the only celebrity obsessed with its benefits, this little self-care routine is making the rounds and has easily become one of the top trends in the wellness community. Below we’re discussing what dry brushing is, its benefits and how to do it.

Dry brushing is the process of using a body brush to brush your skin. Skincare experts, celebs and influencers around the globe tout its ability to not only aid in relaxation but body exfoliation as well.

Apart from the ability to exfoliate the skin, dry brushing benefits more than just skin deep. This process can invigorate and awaken collagen production which thickens the skin to help combat the appearance of fat cells. What this does is tone the skin and improve elasticity for a smoother finish.

After finding a brush that suits you, start on skin that is completely dry. Then, starting at your ankles, sweep the brush in small upward or circular clockwise motions, using lighter pressure around areas of more sensitive skin. After you’ve worked your way up your legs and torso, then you can move onto your arms. *Pro-tip: When working the stomach area, use a clockwise direction. Once done brushing, apply a moisturizer or oil or hop in the shower and complete your moisturizing routine after this.

Everyone seems to have a different answer about how often to dry brush. The fact of the matter is that it really depends on your skin. Some individuals are able to dry brush every day while others should only dry brush once or twice a week because of the sensitivity of their skin. No matter what you choose, you should always pay attention to how your skin reacts and be aware of the amount of pressure you’re using as to not over-exfoliate or damage the skin.


Robert Phillips

Robert is a truck driver. He moves tires you know the 3000 lbs ones.

His hands developed an allergic reaction to certain gloves he had to wear This left his fingernails severly cracked.

As i looked at them i said try dry brushing your hands and use the new Lotion Bar.

He began to use the brush and the lotion bar ( he now takes to work with him) and his hands and fingernails ar improving greatly!

yes Dry brushing is GREAT!

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