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The Real Reason You Have Chapped Lips

Hi Everyone!

We sure do hope you are well and staying well!

Have you noticed lately how dry your skin is and especially your lips?

Well we sure have!

There is a reason for it and it not necessarily the weather.

Those masks you are wearing are actually drawing moisture away from your skin!

The paper ones are the worst!

They are usually made of the same type of material a paper towel is and we all know why we use paper towels right.

We mop up the mess with them.

And those blue ones? They are really only good for abut 1.2 hour… UGH…The things they don’t tell us!

Cloth masks are just a bit better but remember to wash them regularly.

But how do we avoid this chafing/chapping drying effect?

Let break it down.

Moisturizers used just before you put a mask on could possibly help bacteria get trapped in the mask and we don’t want that!

Here are a few suggestions that might help you.

Moisturize about 30 minutes before you have to wear the mask. And, remember Makeup will rub off on the mask.

And carry with you LIP BALM!

Yes, lip balm has a coating that usually will not rub off as easily as moisturizers.

When we were at the peak of the Covid here in Illinois we donated 100s of lip balms to medical personnel who were forced to wear lots of protection all day long.

This resulted in severe chapped lips and chapped skin.

So we decided to give you a break and reduced our lip balm to 20.00 for 10!

SHHHH these make great stocking stuffers!

The Royal Glow has been permanently reduced... How great is that?

So take advantage while you can

Let stay well and Hydrated Drink plenty of Water!

Remember we have a Live Broadcast With our Professional Lab Techs about Virus Immunity

you Will have time to ask Questions.

Have a Good One!


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