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My Favorite Beat The Winter Effects On The Skin

Updated: Feb 26

The winter Months can be very difficult for me I don't

get out much because i do not do well in the cold. So i stay in my lab and formulate...

Ok It's true...

Our skin becomes dry and knotted/ cellulated. Yes i'm a victim of that overeating and aging process and i am addicted to sugar and Ruffles Potato chips!

( i'm breaking that)

I'm determined to help myself ( with a lot of prayer) in changing habits and protocols on my skin! So let's work this out together?

Yet, there are some ways to improve the texture and enhance the skin.

#1. Let's be honest ... We are not getting out as much walking or moving as much as we need to.

#2 We have been through the holidays and made new year's resolutions to improve then BOOM here comes Valentines Day and UGH those luscious sweets are beckoning us once again...

So let's look at some ideas that can help ok?

Body butters are amazing. They can be used on the entire body!

With a good rub in with a good body butter can help alleviate Cellulite and Knots in the skin texture of the body.

A simple thing I do is to keep a jar in the living room and in the bedroom near my bed.

If i'm feeling dry especially after eating salty goodies I just smear it on!

And I use eye drops for that salty puffiness ( ask your Dr. which ones you can use)

At night we have a fan in our room. This can make me feel dry again.

After doing my nighttime facial Royal Spa Kit

I often use the Body Butter just before hopping into bed.

on my feet and legs and elbows and that part of the arm. YOU KNOW THAT PART!

Sometimes I rub it in deeply elevating some of the crepey skin and it help to break up cellulite I usually do this twice a week.

Our body butters are enriched with Shea Butter and Extra Virgin Olive oils and Rosehip seed oils

Shea Butter is most excellent on the skin!

One thing I NEVER use is a sugar / salt/ sand/ scrubs.

Oh I know there are a lot of them out there . But, I refuse to tear my skin with them. Remember this, as we age our skin seems to get thinner therefore I never use them. As i just noted they TEAR the Skin.

I do however use a Jojoba bead exfoliant and i love it! And My skin LOVES IT!

I'm sure yours will to.

On to the face and this sagging and, well you know...

Yes I use the Royal Spa Kit Nightly and once a week I use the . Vital C Collection

I love the Vital C Collection and its become #2 on our radar.

Its Safe, and its help collagen production. It attacks Age Spots and It acts as a shield against sun damage.

Vital C Collection will help brighten and strengthen the skin.

It can also act as fighter against free radicals.

I believe everyone should have the Royal Spa Kit and The Vital C Collection as their go to arsonal and you can use it on your feet and hands.

Now I want to tell you about a trick ... or hack as some call it.

Want to lift ups some of those jowls?

and bags under the eyes?

Here is my morning and evening go to..

At Night and in the Morning

Why? Because it works!

I purchased a small makeup fridge on Amazon keep it in the bathroom and keep my skincare in it

When i apply the cold cream it helps my pores shrink!

Well there you have it! It's my winter routine and I bid you all

Happy Skin!

Theresa Phillips


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