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How to Create a Healthy Scalp Care Routine

How to Create a Healthy Scalp Care Routine (American Beauty Show )

A healthy hair routine is about more than just how often we shampoo or the products we choose. A well-rounded approach also includes targeted scalp care.

While a healthy scalp can improve the look and feel of your hair, there are other benefits to focusing on scalp care. From hair growth to relieving a dry or itchy scalp, getting rid of dandruff, or treating an oily scalp, there are endless reasons to start scalp care. Not sure where to start? We’ve rounded up some of the top ways to create a healthy scalp care routine this season. The Steps to a Healthy Scalp Diagnose Any Issues If you’re really concerned about the state of your scalp, speaking with your physician is the first place to start. Next, pay attention to your scalp and how it responds to your current routine. Is your scalp itchy? Is your scalp oily? Are you dealing with hair loss? Does your scalp hurt when you wear a ponytail? Do you notice flakes or dandruff? Being aware of what’s going on underneath your hair and noticing changes is essential to developing a care plan. Incorporate Massage Think of scalp care as an extension of your skincare routine. While applying the right products in the right order is vital, stimulating the skin is also essential. Whether you’re trying a scalp scrub, working in a scalp serum or simply a targeted shampoo, massage the formula into the skin with gentle circular motions to enhance the experience, stimulate blood flow to the area, and allow the active ingredients to work. Tips for a Dry Scalp If you’re noticing dry patches of skin, flakes, or itching, this is a sign that the skin on your scalp is dry. This can happen because of the weather, the increase in indoor heating, age, wearing hats, or showering with hard water. While exfoliation can help, what you really need is a scalp toner or moisturizing serum to treat the dryness. In addition to adding products, turn down the temperature of your water and shampoo less so you aren’t stripping the scalp of natural oils. Tips for an Oily Scalp If you notice oily strands, you might be inclined to shampoo more often or use clarifying shampoos. While clarifying shampoo can be great for removing buildup from products or hard water, these formulas should only be used occasionally. Instead, look for gentle cleansing formulas that can be used regularly to remove oil without overly drying your scalp and strands. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate Whether you’ve got an oily or dry scalp, incorporating healthy routines like staying hydrated is key to overall skin health. In addition to increasing your H2O intake, applying regular moisturizing treatments or scalp serums can improve both a dry and oily scalp. Turn Down the Heat When we heat style, heat protectants are applied to the hair to cut down on damage, but this doesn’t always include the scalp. While you should air-dry whenever possible, when blow-drying, use a nozzle to cut down on the heat directed on your scalp or use a lower heat setting to avoid burning the scalp. *If you have concerns about your scalp, contact your doctor or dermatologist for the best advice.

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