Getting Fit? Skin Fit!

Hi There.

Just wanted to share a couple of things with you.

Did you know that as much as we love skincare.. We need total care!

So I have a few questions for you?

Are you eating right? I love the Keto Diet So Check it out Here

Because i do a lot of computer work im sitting a lot. And the pounds are piling up

I enquired about the Keto through a friend of mine who is amazing! and has lost over 150 lbs on Keto ! She is now Keto Coach...

Also i've been doing some personal inventory ...My younger life was on totally connected with sports and well... I'M NOT THERE ANYMORE!

Can anyone relate?

I did some internet searching and here is what I do. I work out 10 Minutes in the Am boosting my overall health. I work out again midday ( If i can) and evening.

Giving me 30 Minutes of interval training to boost my immune system and help shed lbs. And i am doing all this with this workout below.

You Can too if you health will allow it

Now about that skincare? I work out the evening session with a face masque on giving me all over conditioning

Recently im using out Pumpkin Masque I've been traveling and the elements in air conditioning made my skin real dry so the pumpkin Masque is amazing.

Everyone can use it Unless of course you are allergic to Pumpkin.