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A Friend Called About Her Sunburn

Yesterday a friend called to order some Royal Glow Face Cream.She was going to meet me at a Meetup Meeting to purchase it .In the meantime my hubby had a 1/12 ton tire fall on him at work. OUCH! Thank GOD he's ok but will have to have surgery on his knee ...Again we are Thankful it's not worse!So back to Grace's phone call..She said I love the Royal Glow I am using the Royal Spa Kit and I love it! Well thank you Grace! We then started to just chat and she said UGH did I get a sunburn the other day!I said well use the Calmer and it will help a lot!

Unfortunately I was not able yo go to the meeting to deliver her product.So, She came to our home to pick it up and said HEY that Calmer worked amazing on my sunburn!I looked at her but no blisters no scarring I was so happy she used it.Two of our products will help that -Hurting- Burning- Sunburn!#1 The Calmer#2 The Royal Glow Face Cream

Shhhh Blend them together and you have the best of both for sunburn and very dry skin! A dear lady came over to work help me in the garden one day.She had on flip flops I say NO NO NO not in the garden! She insisted on wearing them!UGH she got a burn on her feet!Well... Use the calmer I said.

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She did and no marks no pain an she was convinced of the product! She now uses the calmer and Royal Glow together on her feet and Guess what NO CALLUSES! So how awesome is that? Also REMEMBER use sunblockIts so important and STAY Hydrated! Have a Good one


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