Royal Spa Kit Deluxe With Facial Roller

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The Royal Spa Kit Deluxe Boxed At Least 30 Facials The Two Serums Brightener Vitamin C Serum Calmer Skin Softener Organic Wash Royal Glow Face Cream Youthful Moisture Cream Glory Face Intense Moisture Locking Cream Smooth As Silk Shrinks Pores Smooths out Rough Skin and is a Wrinkle Reducer Lactic Veg Acid and Lip Balm Plus Directions The "Go To "For Daily Use Check Package For Directions Jade Roller The Jade Stone Roller Is Awesome Use daily on your face Neck and Around your eyes!The Large Roller for cheeks and Forehead and The Small for under eyes and lips I've been using it for 4 Days and it's been a noticeable difference

Theresa Phillips

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