Tips for Fabulous Skin Care With Holidays Around the Corner

With the holidays coming... Don't let them make you so busy you can't think of Me Time.

We are Outlining Some Special TIPS to keep that holiday Glow!

#1 Hydration .. Did you know sugar and alcohol can dry your skin. THAT Ages You!

A What kind of Makeup are you using?

Some makeups can dry you out so be mindful that the harsh changes in weather and the holiday cravings can do damage.

Establish a daily routine of water and water.

Water help promote collagen that slow down the signs of aging.

#2 Cleansing

Using a good cleanser is important Our Organic Wash is exceptional for this.

It is enriched with Coconut oil and Vitamin E. And Royal Oil.

It's Great for removing makeup!

Remember to avid washing in Hot water Hot water dries the skin.

Even tho we love hot baths and candles or diffusers for that comforting effect Save you face for after the bath.

#3 Face Masques

I Highly Recommend the Pumpkin Masque its rich in vitamins and proteins. Use it once a week!

But moisturize after.

Here is a tip... Take the Glory Face Royal Glow and Calmer Serum just a small amount in yoru and blend them together they apply to your clean face before bed and your skin will thank you for it .

#4 Exercise/Activity

Exercise regularly to sweat all the toxins out of your skin, clogging your pores. It is one of the best ways to keep skin woes at bay. 30 minutes of activity 5 days a week can work wonders for your skin. It caused your skin to react to movement and buy getting some sort of a work out Will life the skin's appearance and give you a better mental and physical outlook...

Take 30 Minutes for yourself. Just do it!

#5 Healthy Diet

You must have heard it a million times, but it is true. Eating a well-balanced is key

Making sure you have your fiber and vitamins. As stated above Sugar and Alcohol plus to much Caffeine can damage the skin giving you more lines than you need.

Geet good vitamins and LIVE Probiotics to help your health.

Plus it's wise to get the Immune boost system we carry.

All the science and information is here on site

Here is a Great article for what foods to avoid for your skin >>>> SKIN

#6 Beauty Sleep

I7-8 hours of sleep is important to help your skin relax. When you sleep, your skin rebuilds collagen and repairs any damage caused by UV rays. So, get enough sleep to keep wrinkles at bay..

Sleep using a clean pillowcase and I personally use a cotton pillowcase because its not so hot.

Fiber filled pillows can cause you too sweat and that will actually dry out your face.

Did you know you can put your feathers pillows in clothes the dryer for 5 Minutes .Yes you can spray them with disinfectant and fluff them in the dryer once a week.

#7 Use Sunblock

Just because it's cold outside you can still get sun spots. And... DRY SKIN.

Mix a bit of sunblock into your foundation and you have protected your skin.

I will be doing a tutorial on this soon so watch for it.

#8 Enjoy the season .. Due to COVID we know we have to have restriction But you can still practice good hygiene and disinfect. Wearings masks can dry the skin.

A Gentle reminder that MOISTURIZER is necessary The Royal Glow is spectacular. It full of Vitamins and nutrients.

PLUS a TIP if you have dry ends on your hair take a bit of Royal Glow and pull it through your hair...

#8 Laugh Out Loud... Have fun be festive and enjoy family faith and friends


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