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The "Special Ingredient" That Makes YOU GLOW

Why I started this Company & The Secret!

Theresa Phillips

It was a few years ago when my husband thought it would be great to give me a facial gift at a local spa.

I reluctantly went and was treated like a queen.

I was super surprised to see that the products there were using happened to be oils on my face.

I began to ask questions about the oils and the esthetician began to explain to me why they are used.

I was surprised at how my once oily and now dry skin was accepting these oils.

She used Vitamin C to exfoliate my skin. That’s our BRIGHTENER.

The she steamed my face with these oils making my skin look smoother and brighter

Then she used Lavender and other oils on my face. That’s our CALMER.

Again she steamed my face. My skin was in hydration transformation!

I loved it and all the while she was telling me what oils she was using I knew I had that at home.

I had been making an anointing oil for ministers and had some of those ingredients in the oil room.

I went home and started experimenting with the oils and discovered that “Anointing Oil” IS a super key ingredient that NO ONE else has!

I began to try to develop a face cream Using the “Special Oil” and found I was not getting I right. BUT I found someone who was and hired them Immediately to develop the ROYAL GLOW FACE CREAM.

The Organic Wash was easy for me to make and adding that “Special Oil” Makes it all the different than any other!

I could see the transformation on my face and was in shock! I began to ask people I knew to try the Serums I created The BRIGHTENER and The CALMER and was so shocked again to see them loving it!

(Just to make sure that we had not someone else’s formula or anything like it we make sure that “Special Oil” is in all our products!)

To Date we have developed several products contains that “Special Oil” working with 3 Labs to help us achieve the success in skincare that we’re all looking for.

Each lab has tested that oil and each one says it’s quite unique.

How awesome is that, we have an Ingredient no one else has.

That ingredient sets us apart!

I’m so blessed to share this with you and the world for we ship the Royal Spa Kit all over the world!

It contains The Brightener, The Calmer, Organic Wash, and the Royal Glow Face Cream.

Giving you 30 facials in one package.

By The Way my hubby paid 200.00 for that facial 1 Facial!

We have keep cost down 30 For LESS Than the Price of One!

And we hope to keep doing so!

Thank you for reading this article!

Dr Theresa Phillips


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