Steps To Your Great Skincare Routine

Friends I had to share this with you...

It's wonderful.... to have some just send you email and say buy this and that.. But, it's far greater to know that the person behind the screen really does what they say the do.

I for one really do use Royal Spa Kit Daily.

I use it at night and I find myself look far better than I should! But, I've added Somethings to my weekly routine. The Facial Exfoliant And Smooth As Silk the Lactic facial smoother.

When I started the spa kit I knew it would be effective But as I get older I need more because if wrinkling and spots.

Yes they come with age But we dont have to keep them.

Using a Facial Exfoliant is wonderful for removing a lot of dead skin cells and ours has Jojoba beads not sand sugar or salt.

Our uses the Jojoba beads because it's better for you can and stps taring and drying.

So step one

#1 Wash with our Organic Wash

#2 Facial Exfoliant

Let skin rest 5 minutes

#3 Use Smooth as Silk ( once a week) with a cotton ball. It might sting a bit if so it's working.

Rest skin.

#4 Brighter Serum two pump in your hands put on face put a warm cloth over it for a couple of minutes. Don't wipe it off.

#5 Calmer Serum Repeat as above.

#6 Royal Glow Moisturizer

After you do this enjoy the outcome You now have had a GREAT FACIAL!

The result are wonderful.

Ageing doesn't have to be disturbing. Challenging yes but not disturbing.

Have a Great One

Until next time


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