Hello Everyone!

We do hope you are Fantastic!!

We have some news. And we hope you understand.

Due to the Ports being clogged with product... Our Product Packaging may have to look different.

Unfortunately, this has happened to many of us small business owners. We aren't happy but we make the best of it!

Because we cannot buy product containers in vast amounts we have to opt for other options.

So far to keep the line copacetic we have tried a few other jars.

Especially The #1 Selling Cream The Royal Glow Face Cream

Right now we only have the 50 Mil and only a few of them left The others will be in next week.

Today we received a phone call from our supplier that our Royal Glow Jar is sitting in port and may be there for quite a while.

Knowing we cannot do anything about it we did change the jar.

The big difference is this.

It's frosted and looks smaller But the Volume is not smaller. Our regular jars are double lined making the packaging look bigger.

If we opt for the larger jar the price point is going to increase dramatically.


We sincerely apologize and hope we can get the line back on track as soon as possible.

Below is a Pic of Packaging Changes We did decide to continue with the Dropper Bottles because the Product lasts longer when using ..The Dropper bottle gives the perfect amount of serum needed for the facial And that's a Huge plus.

With all that being said.

We thank you

Our Board

Theresa Robert and Creighton

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I've been making soap for a couple of months. I have also realized my family says there not suds???

Well, here is why...

Handmade soaps can have different lather forms depending on the carrier oils you using in it.

Simple tip is to reduce the super-fat oils

( superfat oil in soap-making refers to free oil in the soap after the saponification process), too many oils will cut down the lather.

As a soap maker I am not, worried about the lather.

I am really focused on making the soap a conditioning treatment for your skin.

Shea Butter and Goats milk are my go to's.

I do use Mango Coconut and some very wonderful ingredients.

Shea butter give our skin such a moisturizing effect. And Goats Milk is fabulous because

“goat milk contains fatty acids that help repair the skin barrier, probiotics to encourage the growth of normal skin flora, and vitamin A to help gently exfoliate,”

YAY this gives us skin that is healthier!

We have added our own handmade essential oils and the Royal Oil that was developed 11 years ago.

These oils are the same oils used in our serums. Thus conditioning the skin More and More.

On top of that we also added Nano Silver to give it antibacterial function and preservatives.

FYI we dont use Lye in our Soap.

So now you know TRUE Organic Soaps dont Lather.

FYI we are coming out with a Exfoliating Soap Bar. YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Plus if you purchase the Royal Spa Kit you will receive a Gift of The Wonderful Pumpkin Spice Bar of Soap.

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Until next time


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