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Host / Hostess Receives 1 Royal Spa Kit worth 130. OO And a Years membership At 30% off for 1 Year 

Book A House Party  

While a spa day is one of the best ways to refresh and rejuvenate your mind and body, the price tag that comes with spending the day at a trendy spa can take away from the relaxation.

The solution?

Host a  facial spa party from the comfort of your own home! An at-home spa party is a great way to pamper yourself and a few good friends without breaking the bank or having to venture outside your house. Here are six tips for hosting a relaxing, at-home spa party that will make you and your friends feel like you spent the day at an upscale spa.

1. Set the mood


Bring the spa to you by transforming your home into a relaxing oasis. Here are some ideas to accomplish this:


 Play nature/spa music using Pandora or Spotify. Search for playlists or stations by typing in “spa music,” “nature sounds,” or “relaxing music.”

 Adjust the room temperature. Ensure the room temperature is cozy, yet comfortable as if you’re stepping out of a warm bath.

Perhaps some fresh flowers. Flowers instantly add a joyful element to any space. 


2.  Create a self-serve drink and food bar


A spa gathering wouldn’t be complete without refreshing drinks and tasty nibbles. Find a counter or bench and lay a decorative tablecloth on top of it. Fill a beverage dispenser or pitcher with mint leaves, sliced citrus fruits, cucumber, ice, and water, and place it on the table.  Or a light fruit punch.

If your guests want an adult beverage perhaps a nice glass of wine.

( keep ice on hand some like ice in their wine. )

As for food, keep things light by offering fresh Fruits and Vegetables. Perhaps a sweet treat.



3.  Ask your guests to bring a  Fresh clean washcloth and hand towel.

(unless you the hostess can provide them.)

Ask your guests to come in comfortable Leisurewear. Whatever is comfortable. We had one lady come in new PJs because she just loved them.


4.  Pamper your guests with a warm welcome


Give your guests the spa treatment from the moment they walk in by offering them a warm hand towel presented on a plate or platter. ( this is optional) To prepare the towels, simply soak hand towels in a shallow dish of water, microwave them for 30 seconds to a minute, and keep them warm by covering them with plastic wrap until your guests arrive.  It's just. suggestion.

Most importantly have fun and expect results.

5  Please have 2 tables available with a table cloth  for the event

and for showcasing products.


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Theresa Phillips has a diploma in Skincare Formulation
She has been a Professional Formulator for 5 years.
The Products are all vegan and natural and organic.
Expect RENEWAL the first time using the 
Royal Spa Kit
her health aids are developed with Your Health inside and out Giving you healthier and more beautiful skin.
The Royal Fragrant Oils can be used in a diffuser. 
Each one is blended by hand.
All Skincare is FRESH!

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