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Redeem and Renew Skin Solutions LLC is a Company that "Loves the Skin You're in"

We are a Real Skincare Company With Real People and Getting Real Results 


We are dedicated to moral standing. We believe in community outreach and the preservation of working-class citizens. Each person is very important to us.


One goal is to have persons to be Ambassadors of Redeem & Renew Skin Solutions. These people will have the opportunity to earn income as they go. While doing this ... they learn the value of Leadership and Communication skills and ultimately becoming a light to their own community.


Both Men and Women may apply for Distributor Positions, and must be aged 17 or older.


Redeem & Renew is a supporter of the Charity Be A Hero To A Hero which supports the Local Veteran.


Our Major Goal: To transform and REDEEM & RENEW Skin to its formable healthy intent.

This process is done with Application and Internal change.


Our Products are made organically.


Blended with the purest of Essential Oils to give the skin that Radiance and the NUTRITION it needs.


Our developers are American based out of Atlanta GA. Each one is dedicated to bringing health and nutrition to your body.


We work closely with our developers. Sometimes it takes months to establish the right formula for a product. IT'S WORTH THE WAIT! Our developers are pharmaceutically trained to make this product environmentally safe and effective. But not Prescription!


This Product is ALL AMERICAN MADE By American Developers.


We have a saying here at Redeem & Renew, "If you can't eat it don't put it on your skin!"


Key developers have been working on future products of vitamins and nutritional supplements as well.


Who is behind this product?


Robert and Theresa Phillips:


Are in leadership roles of their church and community.


The Rev TSGT Robert Phillips is a retired veteran of 30 years USAF and is Director of Be a Hero He is very active with local American Legion Serving as Vice Chaplain.


Dr. Theresa Phillips is a reigning pastor of a small church of 30 years and the Dean of a Seminary.


Both are dedicated to the enhancement of life Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually.


Skin Care is a process that dates back to Biblical times


When Esther ( read Esther Book of The Bible) was preparing to meet her King. This process included being bathed and immersed in rich pure oils that reflected The Presence of The King. This process was a 12-month long process. The Result? She was accepted By the King and reigned up to half his Kingdom.


Making changes to Skin from outside in is a process. It can take time to transform skin BUT it can be done.


At Redeem & Renew Skin Solutions LLC we hope to bring to you new products every couple of months over the next few years.


We are dedicated to even making Redeem and Renew Better and Better.


Redeem & Renew was birthed out of Royal Scents a Kings Oil A very SPECIAL Oil Developed by dr Theresa Phillips

Be encouraged and make this claim over yourself.


Song of Solomon 4:7

Amplified Bible (AMP) 7 He exclaimed O my love, how beautiful you are! There is no flaw in you!

Our Products are Hand Poured on Demand Not sitting on shelves.

We work  DIRECTLY with Licensed Techs and professional labs to give you the best possible product we can. 

Each item is cohesive with the other enabling you to specialize in your skincare experience.

 Our system is unique in the fact we are Organic and Natural.

Each liquid contains the essential Glory Oil  Blend for moisture and luxury.

Using healthy ingredients found for the best skincare possible.. and still Organic. We do not test on animals nor are we outsourced to another country. 

Our formula is healthy. Our Health products are formulated by a professional Lab specializing in natural sports  medicine.